2010 Russell County Vo-Tech 1964-1971 Reunion

Pictures taken during our 2010 Reunion, and also, pictures taken from the Russell County Vo-Tech Yearbooks.

2010 Russell County Vo-Tech 1964-1971 Reunion

To Our Classmates

To those who are no longer with us... ...We remember you

To those who gave their lives for our country... ...We honor you

To those veterans who served our country... ...We salute you

To those who instructed and led us... ...We thank you

To all who celebrate our experiences... ...We embrace you

And above all, to GOD who made it all possible... ...We praise YOU

Monday, December 28, 2009

Our 1st Russell County Vo-Tech Reunion

Our 1st Russell County Vo-Tech Reunion
“The Cleveland Years 1964-1971”

Plans for the 2009 Russell County Vo-Tech “The Cleveland Years 1964-1971” Reunion began in early 2008 when Sonny Townes and Jim Hale decided it would be great to have a reunion for students who attended the Vocational-Technical School when it was located in Cleveland, Virginia from 1964-1971. (Unfortunately, Sonny didn’t get to see his idea come to fruition as he passed away October 3, 2008.  (Click here to see Sonny’s Obituary)

To reconnect with classmates and administration Sonny and Jim created a website in April 2008 (www.russellvotech-cleveland.com – which has since been removed from the internet). Phone calls and advertising in the local papers caught the attention of interested classmates.

Soon, we were holding our first Reunion Committee meeting on July 10, 2008 at Romano’s II at Castlewood, VA. Classmates from Castlewood (Jimmy Hale, Sonny Townes, Sheila Miller), Cleveland (Roger Musick), Honaker (Raymond Taylor) and Lebanon (Shirley Musick & Pauline Salyers) were in attendance. Future meetings also included David Musick, Principal; Phyllis Rasnake; Loretta Johnson; Sandy Herbert; Margaret Moore; Vince Hagy; Carlton Hubble and Mickey Hoge.

Names and contacts were amassed and in order to gauge interest in a reunion, over 240 questionnaires were mailed to former classmates. It was from the replies that the idea for a Memory Book became a reality and a fun-filled project. The recurring theme throughout everyone’s memories was the unique bond shared among the classmates from the different schools and the special atmosphere of the “melting pot” that was “Russell County Vo-Tech”. These memories, along with other shared information were recorded in the Memory Book, to serve as a treasured keepsake for everyone.

The comb-bound book also contains pictures & information from The Russellette yearbooks, classmate’s military service, deceased classmates & instructors, and much more. The Memory Book was dedicated to Mr. David C. Musick, Principal, who not only played an important role during our school years, but also was a valued member of our Planning Committee. Thanks to all who contributed ideas, pictures and memories.  (Memory Books are still available – Click here for info)

Everyone contributed so much at each of the Reunion Meetings. The interest and support for this reunion made getting ready for it a great experience. Inspiration came from many directions and many individuals. Thanks to everyone who responded to our Reunion Committee phone calls and letters, and, also, for adding great ideas, creativity and encouragement.

And then it was here… …Reunion Day!!! May 2, 2009.

Such was the bond formed by the Reunion Committee that we have continued to meet monthly and are having great fun planning for the upcoming 2010 Reunion! Come join us, send an e-mail or just drop a note to say hello.

Reunion Committee meeting notices are sent out via our official e-mail address (russell.co.vo.tech@gmail.com), and are posted on our BLOG (http://russell-co-vo-tech-64-71.blogspot.com/).  Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

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